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Emma, i need you to come down to the library. We have a situation.

{October 20 2014}



Just taking a break from my The Walking Dead pilot rewatch to share a few thoughts on the whole ‘deleted scene’ debacle.

First thing is this:  if it was deleted and it gets released tomorrow, consider it canon.  Doesn’t matter if it wasn’t in the episode.  If you saw it, it’s canon.  This also covers the alternative option where we don’t get to see the scene until the season four DVD/bluray release; if we don’t get to see the allegedly cut scene until then it’s more than fine because once it’s officially released???? it’s officially canon)

Second:  One of the photographers who takes the BTS pictures has already stated in the past that s/he has a lot of unreleased photos of scenes that, surprise surprise, NEVER MADE IT TO AIR.  So please, please do not think that A&E or TPTB are intentionally cutting Rumbelle scenes as either a slight against us or because they’re not interested in the pairing’s arc.

The truth is, given the complexity and nature of OUAT (and by that I mean it’s massive narrative following a gazillion characters that even I as an obsessed viewer can scarecly keep up with sometimes)….. it’s all, unfortunately, the nature of the beast that there will be more footage shot than will be required at the end of the day.  This is not personal, it’s showbiz.

Now, can we PLEASE get back to obsessing over Rumbelle like the fangirls we are?  Because I honest to God miss doing that.

Have you any idea what you sound like? If a scene doesn’t air as part of the show, if we have to go hunting for it, either online after it airs or on dvd or whatever (and the general audience hasn’t a hope of knowing it even fucking exists) it’s not canon. If it was it would be considered important enough to be included and would be aired as part of the ep.

This is not a complicated concept.

Talking down to people like they’re not aware scenes get cut?? What the fuck — we all know some do, but we also know they’re cut because they weren’t needed/they were not important enough: that’s why they went out the window.

You can keep on kidding yourself that it’s a complete coincidence that it’s rumbelle scenes that get deemed not important enough to air, I’m sure it’s also not significant (because you say so) that Belle gets no fucking screen time, it’s all meaningless, nothing to see here, just hand-wave all the actual facts away and show your desperation to pretend nothing off is going on here — while pushing outright bullshit — but don’t expect everyone to be that oblivious.

This is not personal, it’s showbiz.

Like, what does that even mean? If you’re trying to sound ‘in the know’ you’re failing miserably. But you know what, there’s stuff we all should know by now — that actors act not only to get money but to get satisfaction from their work and to get noticed/some actual recognition, too.

You think it’s no big deal they’re getting shafted, okay, whatever, but they always know when they are. They’re fully aware. They know when they’re not getting appreciation or the screen time they deserve, so it turns out it does matter. All of it matters to them because it’s a huge part of their life and how they make their living, and I for one know damn well they do not need or deserve to be sidelined as often as they are.

But hey, I’m sure the fact they have fans who don’t give a crap that they never get their fair share is really comforting to them.

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went through my behind the scenes folder again and thought fuck it posting them all

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what scene was missing? this scene, or rather this is the rehearsal of their kiss

A lot of people have been sad that this wasn’t in tonight’s episode and I’m going to try and stay positive and remind all that while Rumple had the same outfit for the whole of 4x04, it wasn’t this outfit. Here he’s in blue and his outfit tonight was in black. I’m going to say that they probably wanted to get multiple dock scenes out of the way at once! :D

Except he was in this exact outfit when he discovered Hook in his shop at the start of the episode. Like, I have all the behind the scenes pics right here and the one he wore tonight at the start of the ep was this one.

(Source: hurricanejanes)

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The fact that we were looking forward to this so intensely just makes it so painful that it wasn’t there. *curls into a ball*

It was the entire reason I thought episode 4 would be worth waiting for.

Hahahahaha! Fuck. :(

{October 20 2014}


what scene was missing? this scene, or rather this is the rehearsal of their kiss

{October 19 2014}


Hey! :-) Do you have a link to all your "Rumbelle touching because reasons" posts? (I could only find IV and V.)

Of course! They’re all found under my reasons tag.

They’re also in my touching! tag but that’s more cluttered, the reasons tag is those sets and only those sets (touching, hugs and snogging bc reasons). :D

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I’m never going to get why anyone would boast about having really low standards, am I? Because these standards are low.

Don’t y’all wish your standards were low just like ours!


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Belle has worn more than one outfit per episode, people. You know, back in the days when we got more than one scene for her per episode it was very common indeed. Her having two outfits in one ep is an established thing, so no, a different outfit at the pier does not mean it’s for an entirely different episode.

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Belle’s Wardrobe for 4.04

RED Valentino Gray Star Skirt (£235)